Luke 15:1-10

Community Focus

1. Cancer – Hyj’s uncle (late stage lung), Matthew Dolbow’s aunt and Connie’s aunt (breast & heart problems), Kee Yean’s mom (brain), Jamie Donaldson’s friend Richard (pancreas), Jeff & Janella’s aunt Daphne (leukemia),

2. Chemo – PSam’s aunt (pancreatic), Jin’s mom (ovarian) and aunt (breast)

3. Transplant – Chongs’ cousin Vince (bone marrow match).

4. Illness & Salvation – Christa Chi’s aunt (breast cancer), Vivien Sng’s grandfather,  Yvaine’s grandmother (dementia, hypertension, diabetes),  Joohee’s aunt (coma), Tim Tang’s mum (mid-stage dementia, severe hyperkyphosis), Tim’s sister (cervical cancer), Chelsea’s grandfather  (heart surgery recovery)

5. Infirmities – Allan Lundsford (stroke), Tracy Wang’s uncle (partial blindness), Becky Sein (excessive fluid in lungs, pain), Naning’s Mom (stroke), Patrick Ma (limited lung capacity), Lianne Cheng’s father (ALS), Matt & Nate’s mum (right knee & ability to walk), Ehshin’s mom (lung restoration)

Mission Focus

  • China (SP BJ, Chong family, Matt & Nate’s parents, Basaraba family, Lianne Cheng, Ede Clarke, Qiqihar kids, government, churches)
  • SP Mission Trips (Hunan~ 9-13 Aug); (Cambodia Worship Conference ~ Aug 7-12)
  • SP Staff, The Board, Missions Committee
  • FEBE Ministry, Korean Church