Christmas Outreach

Christmas is coming soon!
Between 1 and 21 December, SP has organised a number of Christmas outreaches with our partner NGOs to share the love of God all over Hong Kong.
Check out the list of opportunities to love your neighbour below, and you can find out more or sign up by emailing [email protected]
These are great opportunities for HC and families to serve God and bond together! Click Read More to find out more!

If you can speak Cantonese and English, you have the ability to convey God’s love to people in Hong Kong. Please see opportunities listed below.

A. SP Homie
Location: Sai Wan
Events: Christmas program with elderly and the homeless
Needs: Lead/join games, worship, fellowship, share bible stories, and pray with them

B. Several Christmas Parties with Elderly, children at risk, low income families
Location: Various locations in Tuen Mun
Event: Christmas party
Needs: People to help with translation (Cantonese/English) or any other support
Sign up weblink for YWAM Tuen Mun Christmas Outreaches is
The details of YWAM Tuen Mun Christmas outreaches can be downloaded via Christmas Outreach Volunteer Flyer 2019

C. Shanti Kids
Location: Yuen Long
Event: Christmas party with local and ethnic minority kids (60+)
Needs: sharing God’s love through games, worship songs, bible story and snacks. It is family friendly outreach. Come and join us!

D. Christmas outreaches to the homeless, people of Hong Kong, the marginalised, the youth
Location: across Hong Kong
Events: Evangelism
Needs: Cantonese/English translation

E. SP ReCreation
Location: Sai Kung
Events: Christmas celebration with drug rehab brothers
Needs: Bring some baked goods for 50 people, lead worship, share testimonies, join group discussion

F. Shanti Neighbour
Location: Yuen Long
Event: Christmas celebration with adults & teenagers with mental health or developmental difficulties
Needs: Snacks for 100 people, leading worships, skits

YWAM Tuen Mun operates a food bank throughout the year and aims to better society by building relationships with donors and charities to alleviate poverty and food waste and provide food to those in need in Hong Kong.

During Christmas season, there is a heightened demand of needs of clothing and food, please contact YWAM Tuen Mun directly to arrange for your donation via details from the above slide.
Your support makes a huge difference to someone’s life!