Pray for Japan

Join us as we meet to pray for Japan – a nation desperately in need of Jesus.

Email Jungmin at [email protected] for details.

  • The 11th largest population yet church attendance only 0.2%.
  • According to the Lausanne Movement, there is only 1 Christian worker per 150,000 Japanese people. This is the second lowest rate globally after closed Islamic nations which have 1 Christian worker per 500,000.
  • Despite having complete freedom of religion, Japan is the 2nd most unreached country globally. This means that MOST Japanese will NEVER meet a single Christian their ENTIRE LIVES– not a single family member or co-worker or fellow student or neighbor.
  • It has been in the top 5 nations for the last 20 years with the highest percentage of suicides among its citizens.
  • It is a nation where more than 1 million young men between the ages of 18-30 are “hikokomori”, having withdrawn from society and refusing to speak with anyone or even go to work.

Is the Father stirring something in your heart?