SPLI 2019

We are offering four SP Leadership Institute (SPLI) classes this summer! If you would like to sign up, please click HERE.

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Be Still and Know
Description: The invitation to “be still and know that I am God” seems often to be a verse used to comfort those in turmoil, bring peace in the midst of chaos and settle the wandering heart. Yet there is much wisdom to be gleaned from this simple passage that speaks to the hearts of all who desire to know God more intimately and more truly, regardless of your current state.

John Calvin said once that “without knowledge of self, there is no knowledge of God”. In this course, we will tackle the essence of this quote. How does one know “self”? This course is for those who desire to deepen their self-knowledge and grow in their intimacy with God by picking up tools and methods which require stillness and attention.
In this workshop, participants will be provided an opportunity to learn how to attend non-judgmentally to things that we tend to overlook, ignore, get distracted from, or are uncomfortable with. The workshop will be facilitated by an experienced psychologist. The process will involve the use of art, focusing exercises, reflective activities and mini-discussions. Everyone is welcome!

Old Testament Typologies
Description: Within the narrative of the Old Testament, we find glimpses of the Gospel. Come and explore how God has revealed the mystery of Jesus throughout the history of the Hebrews.
Dates & Syllabus:
Jul 18 – Introductory Issues
Jul 25 – Adam and Noah
Aug 1 – Abraham and Joseph
Aug 8 – Moses and Joshua
Aug 15 – David and Solomon

Essentials of Biblical Financial Stewardship 101
Description: Come join a mini-excursion to learn about God’s financial principles in order to know Christ more intimately and be free to serve him. Key topics include: God’s Part / Our Part, Giving, Investing and Eternity.
Dates & Syllabus:
Jul 9 – Intro & God’s Part / Our Part
Jul 16 – Giving
Jul 23 – Investing
Jul 30 – Perspective & Eternity

The Middle East: The Birthplace and Final Frontier of the Great Commission
Description: Meet your family in Christ! Learn what happened after the Acts of the Apostles, the formative years of our church history, what life is like for the persecuted church in this region today, and the prophetic destiny we share.