Service Update

Sunday, October 04, 2020 at 9:00 am |

Hi SP family! 

Good news! We will be opening up our sanctuary again for in-person service this Sunday (Oct 4) for both 9am and 11:30am services. 

We will be keeping the same protocols that were in place prior to our closure in July:

  • 50% capacity (first come, first served)
  • Temperature check 
  • Check-in at the door
  • Face mask worn at all times
  • No food and drinks

If you have ever registered for our services in the past, we already have your information, so you do not need to repeat the process. If you are coming to service for the first time, please make sure to register your information HERE, so that we can keep you in our database. 

You can find detailed information on our reopening guidelines below.

Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday! 

Pastor Nate




If you are exhibiting any of the common COVID-19 symptoms (fever, malaise, dry cough, shortness of breath), we ask that you stay home and fully recover before joining Sunday service or any other church activity. 


If you are under compulsory quarantine (travel, close contact with COVID-19 carrier, etc), we ask that you refrain from attending church activities until the end of your quarantine.  


We will be removing 50% of our seats from the sanctuary, and there will be one overflow room. Once our sanctuary and overflow seats are filled up, we will unfortunately need to turn you away. 


We will perform a temperature check on each person entering church. Any person with one or more of the following symptoms will be advised to return home and seek medical care as soon as they are able to:

  • Temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius
  • Common COVID-19 symptoms
    • Fever
    • Malaise
    • Dry cough
    • Shortness of breath


You will be asked to check in at the entrance of the sanctuary, so that we can keep a record of who has attended which service. This information will only be used to communicate relevant Covid-19 related news. 


As a church, we are asking anyone over the age of 2 years to wear a face mask while at church. Masks must be worn at all times in all SP premises. Communion is still permitted, as long as you quickly put your mask back on.

If you do not have a mask on you, you can inform one of our staff members and we will be able to provide you with a mask (including children’s masks). 

If anyone is preaching or leading the congregation in singing and prayer, they may remove their face masks during that time. 


Food and drinks are not allowed anywhere in the 2/F (other than communion). This applies to everyone, including children. Sunday refreshments, barista service, and water dispensers will be unavailable until further notice. 


Hand sanitizers will be provided at the entrance of the sanctuary. Please make sure to disinfect your hands frequently. 

We will not be passing around the offering basket. The offering basket will be placed at the entrance of the sanctuary. 

Communal Bibles will no longer be available. 

We will be using individually-packed communion sets. 

We will be regularly disinfecting the frequently touched areas of our premises including the sanctuary chairs, elevator buttons, door handles and foyer sofas.