Project Micah

Sunday, December 20, 2020 at 10:00 am

There is a new giving opportunity this Christmas season through Aloes Tree, the company that has provided our church with a NanoWave Photocatalyst spray service. This NanoWave spray is one of the methods of protecting surfaces against the coronavirus. Similar sprays have been used in buildings all over HK as well as MTR and HK public buses.

Aloes Tree is partnering with Christian Action to provide their services to sub-divided apartments in HK, and they’re looking for people who can sponsor this project.

As an added service, when you sponsor the spraying of these sub-divided flats, Aloes Tree will match your order by blessing you with a free spray for your home or facility, with the equal size as the package you choose to sponsor. Details are in the table below:

PackageNumber of
SDU as per Sponsorship
@100 sq. ft. / unit
as per Sponsorship
(sq. ft.)
Normal Price
HK$6 / sq. ft.
Special Price for Project “MICAH”Remarks
A10Up to 1000′HK$6,000HK$1,900*Joint of max. 2
sponsors is welcome
B20Up to 2000′HK$12,000HK$3,800*Joint of max. 2
sponsors is welcome
C30Up to 3000′HK$18,000HK$5,700
D50Up to 5000′HK$30,000HK$9,500

If you would like to sign up for this sponsorship, please go to the the Aloes Tree website HERE. If you have any questions, you can email P. Nate at [email protected].