Cadence Lam
Foster & Adoption
Where are you from?
Born and bred in Hong Kong and studied in London.

What do you do at SP?
I lead our new Fostering and Adoption ministry (SPFAM) and work on a part-time basis. I am passionate about the fatherless and in encouraging the church to take them in. It would be my dream and privilege to be able to foster/nurture these little ones. If you have the same passion, please feel free to contact me! I also co-lead a house church and am a house church leader coach.

What would your ideal day look like?
Wake up naturally without an alarm or my kids bursting into my room, have my morning coffee and QT, followed by a work-out all before my kids come back from school. Have a fun and playful afternoon with the kids. They would then obediently take their baths, eat their dinner and go to sleep on their own (without any weeping or gnashing of teeth). The day will end with a chillaxing movie night with my husband. This might happen in new creation.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Let me sleep

What is your love language? Giving and Receiving?
Giving - Cooking. Receiving - Service (don't give me anything else)