ReCreation Testimony

Sunday, September 25, 2016 at 11:30 am | Virginia Cheng

When my leader first asked me to share about Recreation outreach ministry I told him to put me as backup as they are more qualified people but God reminded me that in my heart I told Him this is such a cool ministry and I want more people to know about it so I guess today is my chance.

“Recreation” is Drug Rehab ministry – where we will go visit once per month. The place is called Ling Oi in Sai Kung area and it’s for male only so we call them Ling Oi brothers. All of them struggles with drug addicts before. Ling Oi does not provide any medicine but purely rely on gospel teaching. In general people stay there for about 9 month so every visit we may see new people.

So last Nov I had my 1st visit. I met this 21 years old boy who has a big smile on his face and quite chatty so I started to ask him more personal questions. He told me he has a 4 years old daughter, his ex-gf got pregnant when she was 17 and this little gal also seems to have little bit mental issue. He does not have a a very good relationship with this ex-gf so he’d only get to see them once in a while and for some reason it really breaks my heart. My job is campus recruiting in a bank so I work with lots of interns and majority of the interns come from very wealthy background. It just strike me when I think about the same 21 years old boys can have completely different lives, my wealthy interns from top schools VS this boy already has a daughter, broken family and struggling with drug issue. After that visit God really touches my heart and so i commit since then.

2 months ago we started to run Alpha. Surprisingly the brothers were really open and shared lots of personal stories. God has really used us to build relationship with them and they really see us as friends, someone whom they can trust. For me personally I really want to encourage them God will give them a new life. I think it’s God’s heart that everyone deserves a dream regardless of their status. I think we are the only church who will visit them regularly. Every time they see us you can tell in their eyes they have so much joy and we really enjoy spending time with them as well. I’m especially impressed they can remember all the ladies’ name well.

We also minister to them with sports which make it fun. if it’s summer we will do water sports my favorite is definitely dragon boat. Last but not least we will have tea time – some of our members will show them love by baking like cookie/muffin/cheesecake and yesterday Max just made some delicious Russian meat pie! The brothers love the snacks! You are all very welcome to bake for them even if you can’t physically join us.

I love my team I think they are all amazing people, very fun ministry! If you are not serving in any ministry this season I’d like to challenge you to think about if there is any area where you can serve and potentially you can be part of someone else’s journey with God! Thank you.