Personal Data Privacy Statement

At Solomon’s Porch Limited (“SP”), we respect your legal rights to privacy when collecting, storing, using and transmitting personal data. This statement explains our personal data practices in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486) of the Laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Purpose of collection

We will only use personal data collected from you for one or more of the following purposes:

  1. to establish and maintain a record of your involvement in any of SP’s functions;
  2. to provide information with respect to products or services you have requested from SP;
  3. to answer your inquiry;
  4. to register you for events, conferences or promotions;
  5. to assist us to make SP’s sites, services and products more valuable to our community;
  6. to enable us to meet our legal obligations;
  7. to enable us to maintain our accounts and records;
  8. to enable us to process donations;
  9. to keep you informed of new developments or programmes we believe may be of interest to you; and
  10. as needed to third parties assisting SP with church operations and events, such as religious education instructors, event coordinators, transportation providers etc, and our professional advisers such as consultants, lawyers and accountants, to enable them to provide SP with such services as may be required or requested.

We will not use or disclose your personal data for any other purpose without first seeking your written consent, unless authorized or required by law. We will not publish or make known publicly to others any and all personal data provided to us such as health information, Hong Kong ID card, address or contact details in newsletters, email or phone inquiries, or bulletins without the written consent by you.

Data Security

We will take reasonable measures to keep secure the personal data which we hold and to protect it from any and all unauthorized disclosure and misuse.

Access to personal data

You have the right to opt out of any communication from us. We will only maintain your personal data if legally permitted to do so, after you have instructed us not to send information and communications to you. You have the right to request access to and correction of your personal data as provided in the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Your right of access includes the right to obtain a copy of your personal data and the right to correct any of the data that is inaccurate. After notice from you, we will take reasonable steps to make the necessary changes in our records. If you wish to have your personal information deleted please let us know and we will delete that information wherever practicable, subject to legal requirements for example, maintaining records of charitable contributions to SP.

In general, personal information is only accessed by church staff and a limited number of SP leaders. SP staff and leaders are encouraged to familiarise themselves with their obligations as summarised in this privacy statement and endeavour to comply with the relevant data privacy laws and rules applicable to SP and its members.

Requests for access to and/or correction of your personal data relating to your application should be sent to:

Monica Chung, HR & Operations ([email protected])
Solomon’s Porch Ltd
68 Connaught Road Central
Tel: 3165 8737

Changes to this privacy policy

SP may amend this privacy policy from time to time. Questions regarding this policy should be directed to Monica Chung, HR & Operations at [email protected].