YAWAY: Adventure in the Dark

YAWAY, SP’s single young adults ministry, invites you to join us on May 1 (public holiday) to a fun yet socially impactful adventure brought to us by the social enterprise, Dialogue in the Dark, established and run by visually impaired individuals with the mission to bring social awareness and empathy to the public for the visually disabled community in HK.

Date: May 1 (Labour Day holiday)
Time: 4:30pm for Dark adventure and 6:30pm for dinner
Price: $200 (for Adventure in the Dark) and ~$100 (For dinner)
Group size : Up to 16 people for Dark adventure, so please confirm and pay for your spot ASAP!

Please sign up via the google form: https://forms.gle/v3J5LdLcroJvhQAn7 and pay Caleb Lin in the foyer after service on Sunday.

Click ‘Read More’ to find out more about the Adventure in the Dark!
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Single Life Workshop

The new season of Single Life Workshop starts May 18!

We’ll be having our last info session on April 14 at 2pm in the 2/F Mums’ Room (across from coffee bar). Attendance at one of these sessions (or previous sessions) is mandatory if you choose to sign up later.

Check out the page HERE for the detailed schedule and other information.


SPIL will officially start next week, Apr 21. We will be meeting in two locations: one in Yuen Long (from 10:30am to 12:30pm) and one at SP.

For the meeting at SP, members will worship together at the third service (3pm-5pm), and then move to the 9/F for dinner and fellowship from 5:30pm-7:30pm.

If there are any SPIL members that want to come a little earlier to hang out, the 9/F will be available 2pm-3pm.

For more details, please email us at [email protected].