Single Life Workshop

You were made for connection.

At the core of who we are, we have been designed with a desire for relationship – to experience intimacy and connection, and to know others and be known ourselves. Yet many are left not knowing how to create this type of deep connection. Single Life Workshop helps individuals build genuine and meaningful relationships with others that actually satisfies our natural longing to feel truly connected.

When you go through the Single Life Workshop, you will:

  1. Discover how to allow yourself to be fully known, seen and loved in your relationships.
  2. Practice applying simple and powerful tools that will create deeper connection in your communication and interaction with others.
  3. Learn how to fully embrace your sexuality as the gift from God that it is while you’re single.

Don’t miss out on the significant amounts of joy, pleasure, freedom, and fun that God desires for us to experience through relationships. By taking the time and learning how to do relationships well, you are setting up the foundations for a more fulfilling life.


  1. You go to Solomon’s Porch
  2. You are a member of a House Church


  • $900 Early-bird *EXTENDED* (10 Dec – 24 Dec)
  • $1200 Regular (25 Dec – 31 Dec at 8pm)


The max. number of people we will be taking in for this season is 24 people.

Info Session (for interest & to sign-up)

  • 10 Dec – After 2nd Service (1:30pm)
  • 17 Dec – After 2nd Service (1:30pm)
  • *JUST ADDED* 24 Dec – After 1st Service (12pm) & after 2nd Service (4pm)

Attending an info session is mandatory, so you get an accurate idea of what to expect.

SLW Schedule

Saturday, Jan 6

  • 2-5pm / Session 1: Releasing the Vision

Saturday, Jan 13

  • 2-8pm / Session 2: Nothing Hidden

Saturday, Jan 20

  • 2-6pm / Session 3: What is Coming Against You?

Saturday, Jan 27

  • No Session

Saturday, Feb 3

  • 2-6pm / Session 4: Living Shamelessly

Saturday, Feb 10

  • 2-5pm / Session 5: Importance of Really Listening

Saturday, Feb 17

  • CNY Break

Saturday, Feb 24

  • 2-5pm / Session 6: Pursuing Relationship with the Opposite Sex

Saturday, Mar 3

  • 2-8pm / Session 7: Taking Away the “Horribleness” of No!

Saturday, Mar 10

  • 2-5pm / Session 8: Embracing Our Sexuality

Saturday, Mar 17

  • 2-5pm / Session 9: Blessing Your Spirit

Saturday, Mar 24 – Mar 25 (Retreat)

  • Sessions 10: Barry & Lori’s Sex Talk
  • Sessions 11: How to Bring God into Your Relationships
  • Sessions 12: Our Last Session


Once you have attended an info session, you can sign-up by clicking HERE and filling in the form.


For any further questions, please email [email protected]