Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith.

Each session looks at a different question about Christianity that is designed to create a dialogue.

A typical session includes food, a video talk, and ends with a discussion in a laid-back environment.

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Alpha Week

Year 2023
Week 1- Jul 6 (Thu): Who Is Jesus?
Week 2- Jul 13 (Thu): Why Did Jesus Die?
Week 3- Jul 20 (Thu): How Can I Have Faith?
Week 4- Jul 27 (Thu): How And Why Do I Pray?
Week 5- Aug 3 (Thu): Why And How Should I Read The Bible??
Week 6- Aug 10 (Thu): How Does God Guide Us?
Week 7- Aug 12 (Sat): Alpha One-Day Retreat
Week 8- Aug 17 (Thu): How Can I Resist Evil?
Week 9- Aug 24 (Thu): Why And How Should I Tell Others?
Week 10- Aug 31 (Thu): Does God Heal Today?
Week 11- Sep 3 (Sun): What About The Church? 



2/F or 9/F (to be confirmed)
Two Chinachem Plaza,
135 Des Voeux Road Central (68 Connaught Road Central),
Hong Kong


7:30 pm – 10:00 pm

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