Proverbs 31:1-9

  1. Cancer: Mary W’s father (bone marrow), Pastor Keith (prostate), Eugene Y’s mom (breast), Pastor Sam’s aunt (pancreatic/liver), Jennifer K (lymphoma – biopsy in June), Christina’s friend Min’s dad Sang Kwan Suk (late stage lung cancer), Yvaine’s aunt Cynthia (cervical cancer), Marilyn C’s aunt Doris (lymph & stomach), Becky S’s dad (prostate),
  2. Chemo: Jungmin’s cousin Yoon Kyung Song (breast), Janella & Jeff’s uncle Andrew, Chelsea L’s grandfather (stage 3 gullet cancer)
  3. Transplant: Chongs’ brother-in-law Vince (bone marrow match)
  4. Illness & Salvation: Christa C’s aunt (breast cancer), Rachel N’s uncle (lung cancer) & great-aunt (cancer), Yvaine’s grandmother (dementia, hypertension, diabetes), Joohee’s aunt (coma), Tim T’s mom (mid-stage dementia, severe hyperkyphosis) & sister (cervical cancer), Angie’s father (severe asthma), Ken C’s cousin (testicular cancer), Pastor Sophia’s mom & dad (heart problem, hypertension,diabetes), Jin’s mom (ovarian) and aunt (breast), Hyj’s friend’s wife Sarah Rippletoe (terminal brain cancer), Jacky’s colleague’s mom (lung cancer)
  5. Infirmities: Allan L (stroke), Tracy W’s uncle (partial blindness), Lianne C’s father (ALS), Pastor Colin (brain injuries), Pastor Sophia (LIF discomfort), Evelyn & Yong C’s IVF treatment, Jenine B (post-chemo pain, knee surgery), Victor L (side effects of medication), Carmen W’s grandmother (diabetes, deafness, kidney failure), Jessie L (vitiliogo – immune system), Ahyoung’s father (kneecap surgery recovery), Lina P’s father (hip joint replacement surgery recovery), Jonathan L & Kenny Y (MCL tear surgery recovery), Lizzy (complete restoration post-cancer), Victor Leung’s cousin Siu Bo Ng (thyroid disorder), James Chia’s Mum (left rotator cuff injury – tear & inflammation);Kate Lawson’s father’s knee replacement surgery recovery
  6. Mission Focus

    1. NK (Chris)
    2. South Korea (future church plant)
    3. Japan (Pastor Mitsunobu)

    Church Focus

    1. SP Ministries: IP, The Well, Cascade, Hospitality (Welcoming & Barista)
    2. House Church: Elements, Conduit


    1. HK Korean Church