Genesis 35

Community Focus

  1. Cancer: Mary W’s father (bone marrow), P. Sam’s friend Pastor Keith (prostate), Pastor Sam’s aunt (pancreas/liver), Marilyn C’s aunt Doris (lymph & stomach), Archie L’s dad (cancer), Margaret S (brain tumor), Tracie & Ben’s father (prostate surgery recovery), Cadence’s aunt Ruby (cancer)
  2. Chemo: Yvaine’s aunt Cynthia (abdominal wall), Becky S’s dad (radiation therapy for prostate),
  3. Transplant: Chongs’ brother-in-law Vince (bone marrow match), Aimee’s sister Aram (heart problems; in need of transplant)
  4. Illness & Salvation: Rachel N’s uncle (lung cancer) & great-aunt (cancer), Yvaine’s grandmother (dementia, hypertension, diabetes), Joohee’s aunt (coma), Tim T’s mom (mid-stage dementia, hyperkyphosis) & dad (dementia) & sister (cervical cancer), Angie’s father (severe asthma), Jacky’s colleague’s mom (lung cancer), Archie’s friend (asthma and leg spasms), Ena’s mother Yu Lian (retina tear and floater in eyes), Pete C’s mom Genevieve (breast cancer), Jessie K’s dad Don (in hospital undergoing serious tests), Lianne Y’s uncle (cancer treatment complications), Elaine T’s cousin (lung), Connie’s dad Manuel (chronic bronchitis, weak lungs, heart, kidney and bed sores), KJ’s sister Hyejin (asthma & allergies), Karen Lam’s aunt (stroke recovery), Cadence’s aunt (dementia)
  5. Infirmities: Allan L (stroke), Tracy W’s uncle (partial blindness), Sarah’s friend Jennifer’s father (stroke), SJ’s brother Se Yeon (ulcerative colitis), Karen T (medication withdrawal), Bryan Chiu’s dad (minior stroke recovery), Jason and CY’s son Aidan (developmental issues)

    Mission Focus

    • NK (Chris & community)
    • South Korea (future church plant)
    • Japan (P. Mitsunobu)

    Church Focus

    • SP Ministries: IP, The Well, Cascade
    • House Church: Soho, Harbourside
    • SP Lights