Rachel Ngan
Where are you from?
I am born and raised in HK

What do you do at SP?
I manage and run the two healing ministries (The River and The Well) here at SP. I love what I do. Freedom and healing is a right to every child of God. I personally have experienced so much of our Father's loving touch through people who had poured in time to pray for and with me, so I believe in doing the same. Freely I have received, freely I shall give! It is such a privilege to be able to pray with my family in Christ. Feel free to come find me if you've got questions!

What would your ideal day look like?
With two very demanding and active boys, my ideal day is actually quite simple... It would look like
- sleeping in
- a nice brunch with my husband
- family time at the park (green lawns)
- dinner with good friends
- ending the day with thanksgiving and quality time with my Father, Friend and Teacher!

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Joyful. Artistic. Friendly.

What is your love language? Giving and Receiving?
Acts, Time, Gifts