We’re Looking for a Missions Volunteer!!

The missions department is looking to initiate a new creative ministry: Making Him Known Through Creative Expressions

Creative expressions vary from videography, photography, writing or other creative mediums. If you have a passion for any of the art forms mentioned, are interested in learning more about this ministry, or feel called to volunteer, you can contact P. Samuel at [email protected]!

River Orientation Classes

The only way to get rid of your past is to make a future out of it! 🙌 Come and join our River orientation to learn how to break free from the lies holding you down and sign up for your inner healing sessions! Every day is an opportunity to step forward into the freedom God has in store for you 😇

Dates: May 21st, 28th and June 4th (Sundays) @ 11:30am

For more details please contact Rachel at [email protected] or find River on our SP website sphk.org/river/


We all know someone whom we want to experience the love of God. How do we share it? Where do we start?

Inviting them to Alpha could be the first step in planting the seed 🌱 SP will be hosting Alpha courses starting from July 6th so spread the word to your friends 🥳

If you would like to sign-up and know more, visit sphk.org/alpha.

Helping Without Hurting Discipleship Course

Helping Without Hurting

A bestselling book When Helping Hurts has changed the way thousands of church and ministry leaders approach poverty.

This course is designed to equip you to begin effectively helping low-income people and articulates a biblical framework for poverty alleviation.

Come and learn how to walk with the materially poor in humble relationships instead of providing them temporary handouts.

7-Week courses will start on Sunday, July 2nd at 2pm, including a practicum or research project. This will be an in-person course and GIC graduation is a prerequisite to join.

The course payment is HK$200. Find out more and sign up on www.sphk.org/hwh

GIC Info

Growing in Christ (GIC) is SP’s “Discipleship 101” course. It is a prerequisite for serving at the church and attending missions.

Classes are held on the same day of each week over 9 weeks. It is most often held on either a week-night (7pm-9pm) or Sunday afternoon (2pm-4pm). Class days and times are dependent on the teacher for that season.

Sample Class Schedule – Actual schedule will be provided once confirmed


Friday 7pm-9pm

Week 1 – Lesson 1
Week 2 – Lesson 2
Week 3 – Lesson 3
Week 4 – Lesson 4
Week 5 – Lesson 5
Week 6 – Lesson 6 & 7
Week 7 – Lesson 8 & 9
Week 8 – Lesson 10 & 11
Week 9 – Lesson 12 & 13

Please email [email protected] to express interest.