Family Rooms

Four People in One Room

($2400 + $600 + $600 + $2400)
TOTAL = $6000

Four People in Two Rooms

($2400 + $1600) + ($1600 + $2400)
TOTAL = $8000

Registration Deadline is April 30.

The retreat fees are calculated by the number of rooms booked and the number of people staying in each room. Costs include hotel rooms and meals.

Max occupancy per room:

  • Two youths/adults (12yrs and up) and two children (3-11yrs) per room
  • A baby (under 3yrs) will not be counted toward this number
  • Youths will not be able to stay with two parents; they will need to book a separate room

Examples of rooming cost scenarios

GroupRetreat Rate
Adult (18yrs and up)$2400
Youth (12-17)$2000
Child staying in parents' room (3-11)$600
Baby staying in parents' room (under 3)$0
Baby/Child in additional room (0-11)$1600
Extra Bed (subject to availability)$350

How many rooms do you need for your family (including helpers)?
If you need more than three rooms please email [email protected] to register.

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