Then some children were brought to Him so that He might lay His hands on them and pray; and the disciples rebuked them. But Jesus said, ‘Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me; for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.’ Matthew 19:13-14

Vision Statement

Solomon’s Porch Children’s Ministry is designed to partner with families by equipping and empowering parents to be the primary spiritual leaders of their children, while creating
environments where kids discover and encounter God!

Mission Statement

SPKids is a place where children become part of a spiritual extended family, where they can encounter God, grow up in Christ, and be equipped to bless others.


  • Kidtentional: kid targeted; everything we do is for the kids – from the way we speak to the way we worship.
  • Family Focused: driven by family-partners-celebrating families.
  • Bible Centered: everything is done with a purpose; placing God’s Word at the center.
  • Safe: we value the safety of every child and adult in the ministry.
  • Relational: Adult to kid and Kid to kid.
  • Fun: God created fun; therefore we should find ways to have fun.

Sickness Policy

For the protection of each child in our Children’s Ministry, parents are requested not to bring a child who appears to be ill to church.

Children who have had ANY of the following symptoms within the last 24 hours should refrain from participating in Children’s Ministry activities:

  • Fever
  • Lingering cough, croup, sneezing
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Runny, infected or pink eye
  • Colored, green or cloudy, runny nose
  • Inflamed throat or mouth
  • Any skin infections such as boils, unexplained rash, staph, ringworms, or impetigo
  • Symptoms of childhood diseases (i.e., scarlet fever, mumps, chicken pox, or measles)
  • Head lice or nits in the hair

Please fill in the SPKids RAT result form before coming to church.