Solomon's Porch

Is Alpha open to Christians only?

No, it’s open to everyone – with special focus for non-Christians.

Is Alpha a Bible study program?

Though Biblical principles are central to our weekly talks, Alpha is not a Bible study program.

It is a course designed for people to explore the meaning of life, where one is free to ask any questions in a friendly and safe environment. For those looking for more of a scripture based program, you may consider our follow up course to Alpha, which is Growing in Christ.

What does a session typically look like?

There are 3 key elements in a typical weekly session:

  1. Meal – We would very much like to get to know you. This is where we hope to connect and build lasting relationships with you.
  2. Talk – We use recorded video of talks from Nicky Gumbel, the original developer of Alpha.
  3. Group Discussion – This is where we discuss & share our views on the topic of the week.

Is there a registration fee for Alpha?

Registration at Alpha is free of charge. Solomon’s Porch sponsors the bulk of cost associated with running this program.

Participants typically pay for the Alpha Retreat, which will be an overnight stay in Hong Kong. However, if our participants are not able to afford the cost of Alpha Retreat, we will find ways to help. We strongly believe that no one should miss the Alpha Retreat due to financial constraints.