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River FAQ

Why do I need inner healing and deliverance?
Inner healing and deliverance is an essential part for the preparation of the bride of Christ so we can present ourselves without “spots” or “blemish”. Many times we are unaware of how generational or personal sins and events in our lives can influence us in the spiritual, physical and emotional. Through these involvements whether voluntary of not, we can open the door for the enemy to roam into our lives, quenching the life in abundance Jesus promised. Through inner healing and deliverance we are able to appropriate what rightly belongs to us, and that is freedom.
What are these Orientation classes?
Orientation classes must be completed before your sessions. These classes will give you an overview on what to expect in your sessions. What we pray over and it will also equip you with basic knowledge on spiritual warfare.
By the end of your last class you should be much more ready to receive prayer with us.
How often do these orientation classes take place?
They take place 3 – 4 times a year. They happen once a week (usually on Sundays after church service) and it is an hour and a half long.
Do I have to fill in a long questionnaire?
Yes. This questionnaire will be given to you upon the completion of your orientation classes. We encourage you to complete it in as much detail as possible. This will enable your ministers to formulate an effective strategy to pray with you.
Why do I need to share my personal stuff?
In order for your ministers to get to the root issues and pray for you more effectively, it is important that you share your personal experiences (James 5:16, Proverbs 28:13). Not only do we pray for your personal issues, by sharing your information we are able to trace issues down the generational line. Therefore it is important to share as much as possible.
From experience and by God’s grace, our ministers usually do not remember the details of the sessions soon after it is completed. Perhaps it is God’s wisdom, if we do, we may be over burdened.
What happens to my personal information and paperwork?
Upon receiving all completed forms, we will set up a team for your session. Your paperwork will be distributed to the team members assigned to you for preparation the session(s). At the end of your session(s) all paperwork in relations to your session will be destroyed.
How long will it take?
It depends. Everyone’s sessions are different depending on how the Lord leads the healing. However, in general the average time would be three 2 hour long sessions.
When will I get an appointment?
At the earliest available time after you have completed and return all the forms necessary for your application.
Do I need to prepare for anything?
You can prepare for your session by fasting and praying. We do not advise you to fast on the day of your session as you will need the energy. If you cannot fast food, you can choose to fast something else i.e. TV, media, sweets etc.
Find mature faithful Christians to pray with you. A good place to start will be your HC leaders.
Prepare to share!
Is my healing complete after I finish all my sessions with the River?
No. While we are able to clear out a very big chunk of your life we cannot guarantee that your healing is complete after your sessions with us. Healing is a journey, and a beautiful one. It is important to allow the Lord to move in His time and for Him to search your heart often. It is like peeling the layers of an onion.
I feel like I need another session after my initial River sessions, what should I do?
Contact us and come back for a brush up! Even if you don’t feel the need to come back, we always encourage people to come annually for a spiritual health check.
Is it like the exorcisms I have seen in the movies?
No. Inner healing and deliverance is nothing like what you see in the movies. It is conducted under a very controlled environment where we stand on the authority given to us by the Lord to forbid any dramatic activities, or manifestations.
If I come for inner healing does it mean there is something wrong with me that is different from other believers?
No. Nobody is perfect, only Jesus. We all have sinned and fall short to the glory of God. Everyone struggles with different issues, and there is nothing too big or too small for healing. Therefore I encourage all who have not gone through inner healing and deliverance to go through it.
What are the next steps after my initial sessions at the River?
To stay connected with God. Be filled with Him through worship, quiet time, studying his word and fighting off lies.
Joining a HC if you are not already part of one and go through the discipleship classes SP has to offer (i.e. GIC and EG). Finally, serve. Find a ministry in which you are interested in to serve and share with others.

Is Alpha open to Christians only?

No, it’s open to everyone – with special focus for non-Christians.

Is Alpha a Bible study program?

Though Biblical principles are central to our weekly talks, Alpha is not a Bible study program.

It is a course designed for people to explore the meaning of life, where one is free to ask any questions in a friendly and safe environment. For those looking for more of a scripture based program, you may consider our follow up course to Alpha, which is Growing in Christ.

What does a session typically look like?

There are 3 key elements in a typical weekly session:

  1. Meal – We would very much like to get to know you. This is where we hope to connect and build lasting relationships with you.
  2. Talk – We use recorded video of talks from Nicky Gumbel, the original developer of Alpha.
  3. Group Discussion – This is where we discuss & share our views on the topic of the week.

Is there a registration fee for Alpha?

Registration at Alpha is free of charge. Solomon’s Porch sponsors the bulk of cost associated with running this program.

Participants typically pay for the Alpha Retreat, which will be an overnight stay in Hong Kong. However, if our participants are not able to afford the cost of Alpha Retreat, we will find ways to help. We strongly believe that no one should miss the Alpha Retreat due to financial constraints.