Helping without Hurting

The bestselling book “When Helping Hurts” has changed the way thousands of church and ministry leaders approach poverty.

Helping Without Hurting (HWH) is a 7-week course designed to lead those who desire to be a force for good in the world without hurting themselves or the ones they are trying to help. It will equip participants through key concepts that are crucial to understanding how working with the poor is not only a mandate but also a central spiritual practice for followers of Christ.

HWH will start on Sunday, July 2nd at 2pm, including a practicum or research project. This will be an in-person course and GIC graduation is a prerequisite to join. The course payment is HK$200.

Come and learn how to walk with the materially poor in humble relationships instead of providing them temporary handouts!

Please email [email protected] for more information